National Women & Girls HIV Awareness Day

suport groupOn March 10th, National Women & Girls HIV Awareness Day is observed. While statistics still put men as the most likely group to be affected by HIV, one in four HIV positive people are women. Even those who are considered to be at low risk for infection can still become HIV positive if they aren’t given information to keep themselves safe. This is why National Women & Girls HIV Awareness Day strives to provide clear information for women who may not have had it before.

The Importance of Protection

Having sex without a condom or another protective measure such as HIV medicines (like PrEP) is one of the leading causes of HIV infection. Women who are at great risk may participate in risky sexual behaviors or have a background that makes it difficult to refuse unwanted sex. Education offers women a chance to develop strategies to discuss condom usage with partners, tells them where to access free condoms and impresses the importance of testing on them.

African-American and Hispanic women are more likely to get HIV than white women, and they are also less likely to have access to the education necessary to prevent infection. Drawing awareness to this issue is the purpose of National Women & Girls HIV Awareness Day. This includes educating girls about the dangers of exposure and how to prevent it.

Learning About Medical Care

In 2011, less than half of the women aware of their HIV positive status were receiving medical care. Living with an active viral load isn’t something that anyone has to endure anymore with the available antiretroviral therapy. Providing education to women who are at risk or living with HIV is part of how National Women & Girls HIV Awareness Day ensures that women with an HIV-positive status are able to continue living healthy, normal lives.

Join us on March 10th to speak out about HIV awareness, prevention and treatment as part of National Women & Girls HIV Awareness Day. Education aids prevention, and prevention reduces the spread of infection. Work with us towards an HIV-free world!