Living with HIV: What You Can Be Thankful For

An HIV-positive diagnosis can be a shocking and emotional experience. It can feel incredibly isolating, living with HIV. But, you are not alone.

HIV does not take the joy out of life. It does not stop good things from happening. There are so many things to be thankful for when you’re HIV-positive. And this Thanksgiving, UNM Truman Health Services is embracing gratitude with open arms. Here are a few things all of us can be thankful for.

HIV Care Is Better Than Ever

In the United States, getting the HIV care you need to live a healthy, long life is more accessible than ever. There are a wide variety of medications and complementary therapies that can be used to enhance quality of life. At UNM Truman Health Services, we offer a comprehensive range of care – from medication management to behavioral health services – to help you effectively manage HIV.

You Are a Success, Not a Failure

All of us encounter difficult challenges in our life. HIV is probably something you never expected to happen. But, you are overcoming the challenge. You are the proof that miracles are real. You’re alive.

All of Us Write Our Own Stories

HIV does not determine who we are. HIV is only a part of that, a medical condition that must be managed. But, you are the star of your own story. You determine how you will live your life.

HIV Education Starts in High School

For too long, HIV has been swept under the rug. HIV education is mandatory in health class and kids are learning how it is transmitted. UNM Truman Health Services even offers free HIV testing at Highland High and Albuquerque High, so they can get started on healthy habits when it matters most.

Your Health Is Your Priority

When you’re living with HIV, you are more conscious of how you are treating your body and your well-being. That’s important. It’s fantastic that you are able to practice that sort of self-care.

There is Support Everywhere

People living with HIV are part of a community. And that community is compassionate, supportive, and kind. We are so thankful for the work these people do and are proud to be part of this community.

Gratitude is something that doesn’t just benefit people living with HIV – it has uplifting and healing properties for everyone. And a little bit goes a long way. To all of our patients, staff, faculty, and supporters – thank you. We appreciate you dearly. Happy Thanksgiving!

Timothy DuWhite “Joy Revisited” from Madison Schaefer on Vimeo.