The Benefits of Early HIV Testing

While “ignorance is bliss” for some people when it comes to HIV, there are many benefits to early testing and knowing your status.

Early Diagnosis Improves Your Prognosis

Early detection is vital to slowing the spread of this disease. There are some HIV medications that are only effective in the very early stages of viral infections. By waiting, you could rob yourself of the opportunity to get treatment that can stave off symptoms and/or the progression to Stage 3 (AIDS) and significantly extend your life.

Early Diagnosis Increases Safety

If you are sexually active, HIV testing can help you to keep your partner(s) safe. A positive HIV diagnosis does not have to interfere with your sexual expression, but when you know, you know how to protect those you care about from contracting the virus.

Early Diagnosis is Easy

Early HIV detection is easy. All it takes is a visit to UNM Truman Health Services. HIV testing takes 30-minutes or less, and in the event of a positive diagnosis, we have comprehensive services to support your physical, emotional and social health.

To learn more or schedule a test, please contact us.