Use Your Resources – Our Resources & Community Support

Whether you are newly diagnosed with HIV or have been living with the infection for years, you often feel like you’re living in a different world. You have to learn a new vocabulary to keep up with treatments; you have to learn to navigate a host of systems to get the medical and emotional care you need without paying out-of-pocket for every service; you may have to find educational resources to help your friends and family understand what you’re going through. The good news is you never have to start from square one. Many of the resources you need to get the care and support for optimal physical, emotional and social health are at your fingertips on our website.

Resources for Prevention

UNM Truman Health Services provides testing services and prophylactic therapies to help you stay infection-free. We promote safe sex practices, yet our safe sex education goes beyond barrier methods. We also offer education and preventative treatments for individuals who are HIV positive in relationships with a partner who does not have the virus to minimize the risk of transmission.

Resources for Education

UNM Truman Health Services provides a wealth of free information on our website, including:

We also host a variety of classes, workshops and events for individuals with HIV/Stage 3 (AIDS) to learn more about treatment options, community resources, wellness programs and more.

Resources for Physical and Emotional Wellness

UNM Truman Health Services provides medical services, including case management, to better coordinate all treatments (including complementary therapies) needed to ensure optimal health when living with HIV. We also provide support groups and behavioral health services to promote a healthy lifestyle enriched by social activities and a supportive network of friends and family.

To learn more about all the resources available at your fingertips, start exploring the UNM Truman Health Services website community links. Contact us for more information about any of the programs or services we offer.