National PPSI AIDS Awareness Month

Every month, Pharmacists Planning Service, Inc (PPSI) promotes a different program that benefits public health and education. This month, PPSI is raising awareness of AIDS and UNM Truman Health Services is on board!

What Does AIDS Awareness Mean?

For years, HIV and AIDS were met with fear and paranoia in the United States. Even still, there is a lingering stigma. But, there doesn’t have to be. Being aware of HIV and AIDS can mean anything from participating in an official walk to simply talking about it with your loved ones.

Awareness increases public knowledge and support of people affected by HIV. The more aware we are of HIV and AIDS, the more proactive we can be about stopping its transmission and reducing the stigma.

How to Practice AIDS Awareness

There are so many ways you can practice AIDS awareness in your community! Here are some ideas:

  • Attend HIV panels, where you can learn about the virus and how it is affecting your community.
  • Donate to nationally recognized funds that educate others on HIV
  • Walk for HIV and AIDS. Do something good for your body and help stop HIV! These walks usually support the organizations in your community that research AIDS and provide medical resources to people affected by it.
  • Wear a red ribbon. Red is the internationally recognized color for AIDS awareness.
  • There are so many great organizations in Albuquerque, such as NM’POWER, the LGBTQ Resource Center, and New Mexico AIDS Services, where you can donate your time to helping raise HIV and AIDS awareness!

The easiest and most important way to raise HIV and AIDS awareness is to be aware of your own status. Get tested for free at UNM Truman Health Services. Our rapid HIV testing is confidential and fast – you can know your status in less than 30 minutes.

Raising AIDS Awareness Every Month

At UNM Truman Health Services, we are passionate about raising AIDS awareness every month of the year. By partnering with community organizations, visiting schools, and providing an abundant resource for HIV+ individuals in Albuquerque, we will continue to raise AIDS awareness in Albuquerque until we find a cure.