Treatment Adherence Counseling and Education

HIV is a chronic illness that can be effectively managed by taking certain types of medication and having a healthy lifestyle. At UNM Truman Health Services, our staff can help you find an HIV regimen to fit the unique demands of your life.

Medication Adherence

In order to effectively combat HIV or Hepatitis C, it is important to practice medication adherence. This requires patients to take their medication every day, usually at the same time. If you are struggling with medication adherence, our case managers and pharmacists can help you find an alternate solution. Medication adherence can be disrupted for a number of reasons, including:schedule

  • Side effects
  • Substance abuse
  • Depression
  • Dietary restrictions
  • Travel
  • Unstable housing situation
  • Tobacco use

Adherence to an HIV medicine regimen prevents the virus from multiplying in the body, maximizing your chances of reaching your treatment goals. It also minimizes the possibility of drug resistance, which can affect future treatment options.

At UNM Truman Health Services, our health professionals can help you integrate HIV care into your daily life. Whether you’re up early in the morning or a late riser, we can help you design a successful medication regimen.

HIV Counseling and Education

Living with HIV is about more than taking your medication as prescribed. As the leading provider of HIV care in New Mexico, UNM Truman Health Services has a full range of behavioral health and educational services so you can stay engaged in your care.


At UNM Truman Health Services, we provide high quality HIV care that is respectful of your personal life and need for privacy. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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