HIV/Stage 3 (AIDS) Treatment Services

UNM Truman Health Services uses hiv/aids care provider-New Mexicothe latest research and developments in medicine to enhance the lives of New Mexicans living with HIV/Stage 3 (AIDS). Our faculty and staff of health professionals are committed to pursuing the treatment goal of virus suppression and improved immune system with compassion, respect for human dignity and the right to privacy.

Our medical services are available to absolutely anyone living with HIV/Stage 3 (AIDS) in the state of New Mexico.

  • Primary Care Center-Available to all HIV/Stage 3 (AIDS) patients, our primary care center specializes in the management of HIV. Primary care is able to help resolve physical symptoms, screen for other sexually transmitted infections, perform intake assessments to determine the best treatment options, and evaluate overall health.
  • Medical Case Management-Our case managers are here to help you manage HIV in the most effective way. In addition to coordinating quality medical care, your case manager can help you find complementary therapies, manage behavioral health concerns, help you connect with the community, and answer any of your HIV-related questions.
  • Antiretroviral Therapy-Our medical professionals assess your medical history, current health, and medication history to determine the best antiretroviral treatment for you. For added convenience, our HIV/Stage 3 (AIDS) patients can fill prescriptions through our pharmacy.

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  • Medication Adherence-A regular medication adherence routine is essential to reaching your treatment goal. Our medical professionals perform lab tests to ensure your medication is effectively managing your HIV viral load.If life or financial challenges are making medication adherence difficult, our clinic staff can help. Our onsite pharmacists specialize in HIV-related drug therapies and are available to answer any questions you may have about your medications, including concerns about side effects and drug interactions.
  • Dental Care-Oral health is extremely important for people living with HIV/Stage 3 (AIDS). UNM Truman Health Services works with UNM Dental Services to provide dental care for UNM Truman patients in the greater Albuquerque area.
  • Pharmacy Services- UNM Truman can dependably supply your medications with mail order pharmacy services through Curant Health. At this time, pharmacy services are only available to our patients and all refills must be requested 14 days in advance.

Comprehensive Care for People Living with HIV/Stage 3 (AIDS)

UNM Truman Health Services is a level 3 National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Patient-Centered Medical Home that offers comprehensive medical care for anyone living with HIV/Stage 3 (AIDS), regardless of an ability to pay. UNM Truman also accepts most forms of insurance.

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UNM Truman Health Services is the premier medical home for people living with HIV/Stage 3 (AIDS) in New Mexico. With a patient-centered approach, we are committed to positive health outcomes for our HIV/Stage 3 (AIDS) patients. Contact us to schedule your medical appointment.

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