Medical Massage Therapy vs. Spa Massage

There are two types of massage: medical and wellness (also known as a spa/relaxation massage). While all forms of massage therapy are designed to help you feel better, there are certain benefits of choosing a medical massage, especially if you are living with HIV.

What Makes Medical Massage Different

The main difference between receiving a medical massage and a spa massage is the level of education and training of your massage therapist. A medical massage therapist will have extensive training to achieve solutions to problems that exceed stress and tension, including:

  • Pain
  • Mobility
  • Range of motion
  • Sports injuries
  • Posture
  • Depression

Medical massage therapists will take the time before your session to discuss what hurts and what you want to “fix.” In many cases, the massage therapist will explain the techniques they will use and recommend after care to get the best possible outcome.

Why Medical Massage Is Wonderful

When you use medical massage, you are basically reaping all of the benefits of spa massage while getting care that is tailored to your needs. In addition to relaxing and reducing stress, you will also receive a massage that is uniquely designed to improve the way your body feels.

Medical Massage for People Living With HIV

Scientific studies have supported medical massage for people living with HIV. Body massage can support the immune system, which HIV compromises. That means that if you are living with HIV, getting medical massage can leave you less vulnerable to sickness.

At UNM Truman Health Services, we offer medical massage as part of our complementary services for HIV medical care. We can connect you with medical massage therapist who are familiar with the unique needs of people living with HIV and work with you on a regular basis to help your body feel better. Contact us today to learn how you can start taking advantage of the benefits of medical massage!