Health Programs & Resources for LGBTQ Youth

HIV does not discriminate based on age. Youth face the same risks as adults, and youth who may be questioning and/or experimenting with sexual identity and those who know they are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender are at a higher risk.

UNM Truman Health Services provides services and support for LGBTQ youth striving to prevent HIV infection as well as comprehensive medical, behavioral health and emotional support for those who are already living with HIV.

Free, Confidential Testing

Nationwide, many LGBTQ teens and young adults may be living with HIV without knowing it, and delayed intervention allows the disease to progress unchecked. The key to effective treatment is early intervention, and for early intervention you need early diagnosis. But one thing often stands in the way of testing—fear of parents or guardians finding out.

At UNM Truman Health Services, we provide confidential free rapid HIV testing for patients of any age. We often provide testing at local high schools. Your results are yours; they are never shared with anyone without your consent.

Outreach Events

Identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer thrusts you into a different world, one in which you may experience discrimination from mainstream society, but also one that welcomes you into a new family. UNM Truman Health Services helps to acquaint new members of the LGBTQ community with established resources during our LGBTQ Healthy Living Fair (check out our Events page for upcoming fair dates). Our support groups are another way that LGBTQ youth can find the support they need to face the challenges that often accompany a non-gender-normative lifestyle.

For more information about our youth services, please contact us.