LGBT-Friendly TV? It’s On the Air!

If you’re looking to bolster your viewing from last month’s recommendations—our LGBT cinema list—we have new viewing for you to enjoy. Books, music and movies are all part of popular culture, but television is one of the most common things to share. Here’s a few wonderful ideas for your next weekend of relaxing!

Orange is the New Black

A Netflix Original, this is a show that’s received critical and public acclaim. The main character, Piper Chapman, is not only bisexual but is reunited with her former girlfriend when she’s imprisoned. The focus on developing characters, interpersonal relationships and offering a diverse cast helps make Orange is the New Black the most watched Netflix original.

Modern Family

If you prefer comedies over drama, Modern Family focuses on three families living in Los Angeles and episodes revolve around humorous family situations. One of the most significant parts of the show is the gay couple, Mitchell and Cameron, who are simply included as members of the interrelated family. For family-friendly comedy that includes a diverse cast and gay relationship representation, this show is fantastic.


You may not enjoy musicals, but the ability to identify with characters is what keeps us invested in watching TV shows. And Glee addresses a wide range of topics—everything from gender identity to suicide to body image and more—that profoundly affect the LGBT community. Watching characters struggle with homophobia, sexual identity and other issues, viewers are able to see them triumph and gain satisfaction from seeing the progression of a story that’s like their own.

Bob’s Burgers

Combining comedic timing with an honest, loving family that’s unapologetically quirky, Bob’s Burgers includes homosexuality and gender issues effortlessly. There’s no emphasis placed on these themes in the show because they’re accepted as simply being part of everyday life. For LGBT youth who are struggling with identity, it can be remarkably relaxing to watch a show where people are simply people.

There are more LGBT-friendly shows appearing on air by the year. Do you have a recommendation for us? Let us know in the comments!