It’s Not Me, It’s My Partner

ThinkstockPhotos-80408561It can be frightening to know that your partner is HIV-positive. Not only do you worry about your partner’s health, you worry about your own. As someone who faces possible infection, you want to find support and aid. Does it seem as if there are only resources for your partner? You’re in luck! There are as many resources for you!

Supported by the CDC and WHO

Recognizing the importance of providing support to partners in a “mixed status” couple, the Center for Disease Control and World Health Organization both have recommendations for public programs. These are geared for people with HIV-positive partners and offer information on how to stay HIV free, monitor your own health, and support your partner.

WHO recommends being tested and counselled as a couple. This allows both you and your partner to hear the options available for treatment—the drug PrEP was a recent breakthrough for people at high risk of contracting HIV, such as partners in a “mixed status” couple—and discuss a plan with a medical professional. UNM Truman offers counseling designed to help you and your partner understand and plan for any complications HIV can bring into your life and relationship.

Planning, Preparation, Prevention

As a HIV-negative individual living a high-risk lifestyle, you want to know what precautions to take and what preventative measures are available. A medical professional specializing in HIV/AIDS treatment will be able to walk you through what safety measures you and your partner can take. It is possible to have a “mixed status” relationship that is fulfilling and safe. With the right precautionary measures incorporated into your daily routine, you and your partner will be able to focus on living, not just the disease.

Support groups are available! A step of prevention is sharing your fears, concerns and hopes with others who are living in similar situations. Support groups are available for every walk of life and every lifestyle; you can always find people who will share experiences. You don’t have to face the complications of a “mixed status” lifestyle alone! UNM Truman is a full-service organization able to provide you with support and guidance in learning how to create a fulfilling life with your HIV-positive partner.