How to Cope with an HIV-Positive Diagnosis

If you have recently received the dreaded HIV-positive diagnosis, you may have noticed that the world really didn’t come to a grinding halt. Although you may be caught up in a maelstrom of emotions and wish the world would stop, life goes on…and UNM Truman Health Services offers the support you need to continue to live a happy, fulfilling life.

Support is the Key to Coping

As with any emotional challenge, finding support in people who understand what you are going through is essential. Although you may feel alone, there are hundreds of people who have been exactly where you are: on the receiving end of a life-changing diagnosis. Talking to people who have experienced the same initial shock and moved on can help you take your first steps toward reengaging with life.

Support Groups at UNM Truman Health Services

If you are newly diagnosed with HIV, you may not know anyone else who shares the diagnosis. UNM Truman Health Services provides the space to meet with, network and enjoy the compassionate support from others in the same situation.

We offer support groups for men. Our men’s group—SPEAK (Sharing Positive Experiences, Attitudes and Knowledge—provides a safe space for high-risk men (usually member of the GLBTQ community) to receive and offer compassion and education.

Getting the support you need can help you move past an HIV-positive diagnosis so that you can continue to lead a full life. Contact us to find out when the next support group meets and for personalized advanced HIV treatments.