How HIV Meds Help Other Medical Conditions

HIV is treatable with the continued use of medication, behavioral care, complementary care and medical monitoring. With adherence to medication and self-care, individuals living with HIV can live happy, healthy lives.

Since the 1980’s, this has been the sole purpose of HIV medications. But recently, researchers have wondered if HIV treatment can be used to help other medical conditions. Here is what they found.

HIV Meds Can Treat Macular Degeneration

The Science journal recently found that active agents in HIV medication may be used to treat macular degeneration, also known as blindness. Macular degeneration is not a preventable condition, and is usually caused by aging or damage to the eye. The use of antiviral drugs prevented inflammation and protected retinal cells by blocking certain proteins.

Treating Ebola with HIV Meds

Africa is currently struggling with an epidemic of Ebola, a virus that has a 70% mortality rate. There is a shortage of doctors and treatment options, which means that health workers often have to get creative in order to save lives. In rural Libera, a doctor started administering an HIV drug to Ebola patients. His reasoning was that Ebola and HIV replicate in the body almost identically. After giving the patients the HIV medication, the 70% mortality rate reduced to a 13% mortality rate.

A Model for Complementary Medicine

There is a long and sorted history between Western medicine and alternative remedies, such as acupuncture, massage, and aromatherapy. But, HIV treatment has shown that both treatments can work together to create a healthy outcome. People living with HIV often struggle with chronic pain, fatigue, and behavioral health concerns. By having access to chiropractic care, nutritionists, and therapists that work together as a single unit, the patient benefits from comprehensive, communicative care.

Your Flu Shot Works Because of HIV Meds

Every year, the CDC recommends that everyone obtain a seasonal flu vaccination. But, did you know that the development of this vaccine was modeled on HIV treatment methods? Influenza, also known as the flu, is a virus that replicates quickly in the body, causing potentially life-threatening symptoms, depending on the health of the infected individual. By studying what HIV and influenza share, and what they do not share, researchers can determine how to create a successful vaccine for every flu season.

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