Interesting Facts About Gay Square Dancing

Celebrating International Gay Square Dancing Week

It doesn’t matter what your background is – square dancing is good, honest fun for anybody. Started in 1983, the International Gay Square Dancing Association celebrates the unique identity of the GLBTQ community. Our very own Wilde Bunch was one of the first charter members of the association!

In celebration of International Gay Square Dancing Week, UNM Truman Health Services is sharing some interesting facts about this essential piece of GLBTQ cultural history.

Gay Square Dancing Facts

Sparked in the early 80’s by the urban cowboy trend, gay square dancing continues to be a popular way to have fun and get fit. The International Gay Square Dance Association holds annual conventions and there are even local events where you can dance!

Here are some interesting facts:

  • There is no dress code. You can usually wear whatever you’re comfortable in.
  • You don’t always have to lead. In square dancing, there are different dance moves for each partner. These moves aren’t assigned to gender in gay square dancing (all position dancing).
  • There are over 70 clubs in the United States that are exclusively devoted to Gay Square Dancing. It’s a worldwide community, too. Gay square dance clubs exist in Tokyo and Canada.
  • Fly-ins are fun. Gay square dance groups will “fly in” other groups in the association from outside of their region to have larger dances. Attendees meet new people and can travel to exciting places.
  • It’s high energy dancing. Gay square dance clubs live for the moment and are known for their high energy dancing!
  • You can square dance to anything. Country music doesn’t have a monopoly at gay square dancing events – dancers are encouraged to get down with any type of music.
  • You don’t need a partner. Singles are always welcome at gay square dance events!

The Wilde Bunch provides gay square dancing classes and events at the Albuquerque Square Dance Center. They continue to have an all-inclusive policy for dancers – everyone is welcome!

Gay Square Dancing Promotes GLBTQ Health

Square dancing promotes healthy exercise and social interaction, both of which are important for your health. UNM Truman Health Services is proud to support GLBTQ health in all forms – especially if it promotes health and happiness. Happy International Gay Square Dance Week!