Connect on Your Own Terms

Living with HIV is an experience that not everyone shares – but, that doesn’t make it any less valuable. Connecting with other people living with HIV can provide support in your day-to-day and help you gain valuable perspective.


But, what do you do if socializing isn’t your thing? In the age of internet access and HIV activism, there are plenty of options to connect on your own terms.


Start Searching on Social Media

People living with HIV and AIDS have strong online communities. Start on your favorite social media website, whether it’s Reddit, Tumblr, or Twitter, and start searching for people who share your experience.


Support Your Local GLBTQ Organizations

 In Albuquerque, we have an abundance of great organizations that support the GLBTQ community. If you don’t want to go to the meetings, try to go to an event that they sponsor and offer your support.


Try HIV Dating

Did you know there are online dating sites for people living with HIV? If you are looking for more than friendship, you can use this resource to find someone who understands what it’s like to have HIV. But, remember, there are many strains of HIV. The strain you have may not be your partner’s – always use protection.


Volunteer for Testing Sites

A great way to get involved with HIV awareness is to help facilitate testing in your neighborhood. If you would like to run a testing event, contact UNM Truman Health Services. We have the medical resources to help you make it happen!


Try Out a Support Group

A support group is a private, intimate way to get to know the experiences of other people who are living with HIV. At Truman, we have male-only and female-only support groups that provide support and compassion.

At UNM Truman Health Services, our women’s group Women OUTloud meets the 2nd Wednesday of every month (August 20th) from 4-5PM. Our men’s group, SPEAK, meets the 4th Wednesday of every month (August 27th) from 5-6PM.


Check Out the Quilt

The AIDS quilt is a project that continues to be culturally significant for people living with HIV. It is a way to honor the people we have lost to HIV and the work that has been done. You can experience the quilt online, or take a trip to visit it in person!


If you are living with HIV, you are not alone. Albuquerque has a strong community of HIV+ people who are doing amazing things with their lives! Learn how you can connect by calling a counselor at UNM Truman Health Services. We are here to help! 505.272.1312