New Mexico HIV Facts

The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is a virus that attacks the body’s immune system, leaving it weak and prone to infection. If detected early, HIV can be effectively managed and treated by experienced medical professionals.
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UNM Truman Health Services provides comprehensive medical, behavioral, and complementary care for individuals living with HIV in New Mexico. Our medical professionals specialize in HIV care and can help you get the facts about HIV.

Facts about HIV Infection

HIV is a worldwide problem. Individuals with higher HIV risk factors include men who have sex with men (MSM), intravenous drug users, sex workers, and anyone who participates in risky, unprotected sex.

Here are the facts you need to know about HIV:

  • HIV is the virus that causes Stage 3 (AIDS). Stage 3 (AIDS) is the most advanced stage of HIV infection.
  • HIV is 100% preventable. Using latex condoms and getting tested often can lower your risk.
  • HIV is 100% treatable. HIV treatment can lower your viral load, which stops the virus from progressing.
  • HIV presents mild or no symptoms. This means you can have the virus and not know it.
  • HIV is transmitted through bodily fluids. You can contract HIV by sharing blood, semen, pre cum, anal fluids, vaginal fluids, and breast milk with an HIV-positive person.
  • There is no vaccine for HIV. HIV is a lifelong condition that must be medically managed in order to avoid progression to Stage 3 (AIDS).

HIV does not discriminate. It affects individuals from all walks of life. At UNM Truman Health Services, we provide complete HIV care for absolutely anyone who is living with HIV. Our treatment goal is to help you achieve an undetectable status.

HIV Prevention Facts

There are numerous ways you can prevent the spread of HIV. Here the essential HIV prevention facts you need to know:

  • Latex condoms and female condoms offer significant protection against HIV infection.
  • Using clean, uncontaminated needles prevents HIV infection.
  • Knowing your HIV status is the first step to preventing the spread of HIV – get tested.

UNM Truman Health Services is Albuquerque’s resource for HIV prevention. Free condoms are available upon request. We also offer free rapid HIV testing throughout the Albuquerque area so you can know your status.

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As the state’s largest provider of HIV services, UNM Truman Health Services is committed to providing the medical resources our community needs to prevent HIV. Contact us today to set up HIV testing and learn more about our treatment services.

Get your facts straight about HIV. Get tested.

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