Albuquerque is a City of Welcoming Diversity

With the legalization of same sex marriage, there’s now a search for the perfect wedding venue in a welcoming, diverse city that offers the same caring consideration to same-sex couples as they did heterosexual pairs. Thanks to Albuquerque’s friendly LGBT community and the city’s determination to be welcoming to all, we’ve become one of the best cities for a same-sex wedding.

A Wide Array of Choices

Couples aren’t restricted to a simple ceremony in a rented location. In Albuquerque, the Sandia Mountains are a beautiful, romantic backdrop for any wedding. Some marriages can even be performed in one of the hot air balloons that Albuquerque is known for. There are locations available throughout the city that can be reserved for a private ceremony, and with the city’s tolerant, diverse approach, it’s easy to find the right place for a wedding.

If same-sex couples are looking for a specific neighborhood that would welcome their wedding party, they don’t have to restrict themselves. Albuquerque prides itself on offering the entire city’s leisure destinations for a couple and their friends and family to enjoy. This includes the handful of exclusively gay and lesbian clubs, the historical locations, shopping destinations and more.

Share the Love!

With hotels in Albuquerque specifically recognized by the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association and the presence of community members like UNM Truman, the city is perfect for any same-sex couple looking to make the memory of a lifetime. There are a number of businesses throughout the city that will cater to same-sex weddings and a lively population that welcomes the inclusion of loving commitment.