Celebrating Pride with HIV Awareness


There is a lot our GLBTQ community is proud of, especially during the month of June! In addition to celebrating diversity and difference, pride is also a great time to celebrate health and happiness.

This year, celebrate the health and happiness of our community by joining the fight against HIV/AIDS. Get tested.

The Facts About GLTBQ and HIV

Pride started in 1969 to remember the Stonewall Riots in New York City. Only a few years later, HIV entered public knowledge. Gay men were one of the first groups to be heavily affected by HIV, followed by heterosexual men and women, bisexual men and women, intravenous drug users, and newborn babies.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, men who have sex with men have a higher likelihood of being exposed to HIV than any other group in the country. This includes gay, bisexual, and any trans men who have sex with men.

Preventing HIV Transmission

After over 40 years of research and treatment, HIV is a disease that is not only manageable – it is preventable.

HIV is transmitted through bodily fluids – blood, semen, breast milk, and vaginal fluids. Unprotected sex and sharing intravenous needles are two of the most common ways HIV can spread.

During Pride – a time where we celebrate our sexuality – it is important to practice safe sex in order to prevent HIV.

  • Use a condom every time you have sex. This includes oral sex. Condoms effectively prevent the spread of HIV.
  • Ask your partner about their status.
  • Get tested often.

The best way to prevent HIV is to know your status and protect yourself. Truman Health Services offers FREE rapid HIV testing every day so you can know your status.

Celebrate Pride by Getting Tested

Pride is more than a party. It’s a celebration of our GLBTQ community and all of our hard working advocates. Truman Health Services is proud to be a member of this community and is committed to improving the health of its members by offering free rapid HIV testing and a comprehensive range of medical, behavioral health, and complementary medicine services for people living with HIV.

Contact us today to learn how you can get tested!