Receive Better Care at UNM Truman Health Services

Doctor and patientUNM Truman Health Services provides a higher level of service to help you get and stay healthy. We have a unique staff of medical care providers and social service coordinators to ensure that individuals with HIV/Stage 3 (AIDS) get the most advanced treatment and the benefits of a supportive community, regardless of ability to pay.

What We Offer

Some of the services available at UNM Truman Health Services include:

Rapid TestingUNM Truman Health Services can establish a diagnosis in minutes instead of days for a number of communicable diseases, including HIV, Hepatitis C and Syphilis,

LGBTQ OutreachUNM Truman Health Services hosts an annual LGBTQ+ outreach event to provide patient education and other public safety services, like child car seat safety demonstrations and vaccine schedules, to the LGBTQ+ community (this event is open to everyone).

Sliding Scale PaymentUNM Truman Health Services provides the highest level of care regardless of your insurance provider, insurance status or ability to pay.

Whether you visit UNM Truman Health Services for community events or urgent HIV/Stage 3 (AIDS) care, you can expect timely exceptional medical and compassionate care.