Be an Influencer: Use Your Social Media to Fight HIV/AIDS

Since the launch of MySpace nearly 15 years ago, social media has become part of our daily lives. It’s how many of us communicate with our friends and family, whether they’re in our local communities or live hundreds or thousands of miles away. With multiple platforms, including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat and more, evolving functionalities enabling live video sharing, social media has shown itself as a force to effect personal and political change.

Stories and case studies about social media’s influence also show that you don’t have to be a celebrity for your post or feed to mean something. Anyone has the potential to be an influencer. So, UNM Truman Health Services encourages you to go viral to fight the virus—use your social media to spread awareness of HIV/AIDS prevention, education, testing and treatment.

Who Can Use Social Media to Fight HIV/AIDS?

Anyone can use their social media to raise social awareness about HIV/AIDS. While we do not lay the responsibility of awareness-raising at the feet of those who have the virus, the testimonies, stories and pleas from those living with HIV are the most powerful. Those who provide first-hand accounts of what they experienced when diagnosed, trying to find treatment, receiving treatment, telling family, etc. or as the person receiving the news of a loved one’s diagnosis inspire, comfort and encourage others facing the same challenges.

However, anyone can raise awareness of resources for education, testing and treatment. Community programs appreciate any and all mentions, regardless of your personal experience or lack of experience with HIV/AIDS.

How to Get Started

First, to use your social media to promote awareness of HIV/AIDS does not mean that you have to dedicate all your posts, pins, pics, etc. to political causes. All it means is that you make the choice to share informative resources and contribute a voice of acceptance and compassion when participating in conversations about HIV/AIDS and those who live with the virus.

The easiest way to start may be join the social networks of HIV/AIDS resources and share their information. So, to join UNM Truman Health Services’ networks:

We encourage you to share our posts and tweets on your timeline and in your feed for members of your social network to view and pass along.

If you have questions, please contact us or send a private message to us on your social media platform of choice.

Thank you for helping us spread the word. Together, we can reduce virus transmission worldwide, provide and encourage compassionate support of those living with the virus and promote funding and research to find new preventive methods, treatments, maybe even a complete cure.