Apps that Help You Manage HIV

Now more than ever, it’s easy to access the information you want. All you have to do is swipe a finger across your phone to unlock what you’re searching for.


And believe it or not, this is especially true for people living with HIV. There are multiple Apps to download that can help you manage your symptoms, learn more about HIV, and support HIV awareness. Here are our favorites.

Facing AIDS

With this app, you snap a picture of yourself, write a brief message about why you’re facing HIV/AIDS, and share the message with the community. You can even post your message and photo to Twitter! The goal is to wipe out the stigma associated with getting tested for HIV.

Stay Healthy

This app tracks your personal health statistics alongside your HIV medication. It reveals the specifics you need, when you need them, including CD4 percentage and viral load counts. It also includes an HIV term glossary!


This app is great, but is only available for the iPhone. Not only does it let you know when it’s time for a dose of your medication, you can keep track of lab results, track medication requests, and track your progress toward an undetectable viral load.


Simply put: this app saves you money. It compares prescription prices between pharmacies and even distributes coupons.

HIV Risk Calculator

Life is complicated, and sometimes it may be difficult to determine if you have likely been exposed to HIV. This app contains all permutations of possible risk factors so you can know if you need to get tested.

The Body      

The Body is an organization founded to improve the lives of those living with HIV. Their app achieves the same vision, providing a comprehensive resource for not only people living with HIV, but their family and loved ones as well.

Information is always the springboard to better ideas, but if you think you have HIV, it is important to get tested as soon as possible. UNM Truman Health Services provides FREE HIV testing for absolutely anyone. Contact us for more information, or swing by our location in central Albuquerque. No appointment is necessary.