Healthcare & Faculty Providers – UNM Truman Health Services

UNM Truman Health Services provides comprehensive medical carebehavioral health services, and complementary alternative therapies by working with the Infectious Diseases Division of the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of New Mexico, in addition to the UNM Departments of Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, Pediatrics, and the UNM College of Pharmacy.

Our faculty providers share an interest in treating infectious diseases. Truman faculty members include:

Medical Health and Infectious Disease

  • Bruce Williams, MD, MPH
  • Elaine Thomas, MD
  • Edward Fancovic, MD
  • Karla Thornton, MD, MPH
  • Martha Muller, MD
  • Staci Lee, MD
  • Bruce Strumminger, MD
  • Leslie Colip, MD
  • Tracy Carlson, MD

Behavioral Health

  • Kathryn L. Lenberg, MPH, PhD (Manager)
  • Nathaniel Sharon, MD
  • Brant Hager, MD
  • Robert Thoma, PhD
  • Rudy Tafoya, LISW
  • Cecilia Biglieri, LISW
  • Adam Metcalf, LISW
  • Katie Quintanta, LISW

Complementary Alternative Medical Therapies

  • Kim Weddle, DC
  • Ingrid Reyna, DOM, LMT
  • Susan Garcia, LMT
  • Patrick West RD LD CLT

Clinical Pharmacology Services

  • Bernadette Jakeman, PharmD
  • Renee-Claude Mercier, PharmD
  • Paulina Deming, PharmD
  • Jessica Conklin, PharmD
  • Larry Pineda, PharmD

*At UNM Truman Health Services, our faculty work together to ensure you receive treatment tailored to your unique needs. The multidisciplinary approach of our NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home is designed to eliminate any slips or gaps in treatment to ensure you can live your best life.*

Meet Our RNs

  • Angie Harris, RN, BSN
  • Hazel Casson, RN
  • Melissa Fought, RN

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